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Victory To The Fullest

Victory Ahead.

Uncommonly successful people have learned this simple secret: Instead of relying on your talent, skills or luck to get the results you set out to accomplish, you can simply start to experiment and plow your way to success through your mistakes and failures.

Which led me to pen the following: “Great success is often not seen as good luck or skills or talent by the few elect that manage to achieve it. It is simply seen as an unwavering ability they possess to fail and keep trying until they reach their goal.”

To be fair, I didn’t create this out of thin air. I simply compressed the meat of all that I learned about raising yourself from utter failure to greater success from a man I saw on TV last weekend. Men like that unknown French dude know that victory is fully appreciated after you’ve experienced the bitterness of defeat. Take the risky road, not the safe road. Fail-and learn.

Consider this quote the roadmap for achieving greater success in anything you do. Il faut connaître l’amertume de la défaite pour apprécier vraiment la victoire à son maximum.

Victory Quote

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