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The Easiest Way In The World To Get New Customers For Your Business

Dear Reader,

If you’re looking for easy ways to boost your income and business, you’ll learn them at because I have researched the easiest moneymaking strategies ever used throughout history. Today’s article is a good example. In it, you’ll discover a simple way you can use to increase your customer base, your sales, your profits.

And this works the same even if you currently have no customers. That’s right. This marketing strategy is so effective that using it you can generate so much good-will and get all the customers you need to create a going business over night with practically no expense.

That’s why I call this the world´s easiest way to get a flood of new customers for your business, and I recommend it to almost every (would-be) business owner I offer advice to.

Let me show you what I mean.

One day years ago my husband and I were cooking dinner at our apartment. It was a calm evening. We had just put our kids to bed for the night, and we quickly began to discuss our respective day.

Soon, my husband’s work took over the conversation. He was the owner of a fairly successful business, and he was making a pretty comfortable income. Yet, he kept worrying about the future.

Several times he had shared concerns over the growth of his business.

No matter how hard he worked, his income curve was stagnant.

And now he thought not knowing how to increase it meant he had to end his operations and give up his cherished business.

When this should easily solve your growth problems forever:

Interrupting him, I asked a few questions to help him find what he was doing wrong in his business.

He immediately identified the small profit he was making from most of his sales.

He also determined that he could be doing better at making more profitable sales and his big goal remained to get more of these higher-paying clients even if all his attempts had been met with utter failure.

So I started to spell out how you can grow your business by increasing your number of clients … the average size of the sale per client … the number of times clients come back to buy again.

And when I told him that the secret to getting people to jump at your offer, buy in larger volume, then return and buy again with greater frequency was as easy as making them an offer they cannot refuse … he couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

Yet the point I was trying to make was very simple,

Your business is to buy them!

Seeing his confusion, I decided to give him a good example of how to make an irresistible offer that helps your profits skyrocket and gets lots of new customers coming through your door.

Knowing that his business had a huge probability of clients returning again and again to purchase the same product or service from him, I asked him to calculate the “Lifetime Value” of his typical client.

In seconds I had the answer.

Finally, I looked at him and I said, “Just use your allowable marketing cost to buy clients!”

“Because if you can give something of value to your high-quality prospects, you can get all the customers you’ll ever need to increase your business with ease.”

“So offer them a FREE initial product or service.”

You should have seen his face.

He looked at me like I was from another planet!

“That’s crazy!” he blurted.

“Do you really believe this could help me get paying customers?” he asked.

“Anyway, it sounds crazy to me.”

His words didn’t surprise me. He wasn’t the only one.

Most people I recommended this idea to reacted the same way, too.

They didn’t know my motives. They consulted me to learn effective ways to increase their revenue and income. And here I am, advising them to give away the same stuff they want to sell to the public.

Until at last, the time comes to reveal there’s a method to my madness.

Why use the Giveaway Technique?

Like I said before, I advise almost all my clients who want to start (or grow) their business fast to try some version of the Giveaway Technique.

First, I do this because I found it to be one of the easiest ways in the world to generate a huge number (literally a flood) of potential clients for any business.

How so? As you’ll discover, a free offer is an easy way for people to get to sample your product or service—and see its value for themselves.

Your prospects are people, which means they are habit-driven.

They will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zone.

To get them to give your business a try (and change what they are used to doing), you should make your offer look like a great reason to try out something they may be interested in.

Giving a free first product or service is an absolutely risk-free, non-threatening way to get prospects to do that because it eliminates the primary obstacle to buying for them. And more people will give your business a chance if there is no barrier to trying it.

That’s the power of a slight-loss based client acquisition program

For example, did you ever subscribe to a website because they offered you information, a newsletter issue or an e-book, absolutely FREE? Or even ordered from a company willing to send out a product for examination first without asking you to pay up front? That’s the Giveaway Technique at work.

You can apply this technique to online sales as well as offline businesses.

It works on this premise: If you know you have something of value, identify a prospect that’s already interested in buying it and extend a totally risk-free, obligation-free offer to take a look at it.

It’s a matter of letting prospects know that you passionately believe in your goods or services and you’re willing to demonstrate your total commitment to their satisfaction by guaranteeing your performance and quality of work.

Another reason why this technique is one of the easiest ways to get new clients for any business is that it will easily help you appear more favorably in your prospect’s eyes at all times. It will make you stand out from—and outsell—your competition.

Because most businesses don’t have enough faith in what they provide to take the risks upon themselves.

But the one that acquires clients at a small loss will have all the advantage and that will result in more sales, more income and more success.

Still doubting it?

Just open your eyes to what the most successful businesses around you are doing right now and you will soon see that there are so many innovative ways you can use to remove the obstacles to buying and make an irresistible offer to your potential clients that will virtually compel them to act today.

(I, personally, will volunteer to take advantage of some obvious offers like price reduction, “buy one, get one,” “two for one,” “three for the price of two” or “buy two, get one free” that seem to be always going on at adults and kids’ clothing stores and continuously cause me to buy stuff we don’t even need, but I digress…)

Anyway, depending on your business you could also try the: free shipping, free sample, free trial, free information, free estimate, free consultation, and the list goes on.

In fact, this is one of the most powerful selling secrets the hottest moneymakers in the world are using to make millions of dollars over the long term from the people who come in on that slight-loss offer.

Some examples:

Websites offer free information, online businesses offer free training, retailers offer free gift vouchers and free shipping, book clubs send your initial purchase for a few dollars, credit cards offer a lower interest rate for the first few months you own the card and telephone service providers offer a lower rate for the the first 12 months you subscribe.

Why do you think they do that?

Do you think they lose money on these people over the long term?

Or have they learned that it pays to acquire clients at a break-even or small loss, and encourage them to repurchase on the back-end?

And this can work for you, too.

If you own a business that has a high probability of clients coming back to repurchase the same or different products or services from you, your primary goal is to let them in easily so you can get them buying as quickly as possible.

How do you do that?

Simply remove the obstacle to purchasing and give your prospects an easy, no-brainer opportunity to get to prove your (products or services) value to themselves.

Focus on delivering great value and results, and the same prospects who came in on a price-discount or free offer basis (at a break-even or small loss to you) will turn into regular clients who buy at full margin.

Better still, they will remain your clients for life—and produce extra sales and profits for your business over that lifelong period of time. For now,

Here’s how to use this technique effectively

In short, here’s how my client-getting formula works in 3 simple steps:

  • Find the right market. Find out what they really want. When it comes to “buying” clients, most people don’t know what their market wants. They do what everyone else does. They assume everyone wants what they have—and end up targeting the wrong people or making the wrong offer. Obviously, your offer will work the best only if you give prospects something they care about. The way to do that is to find the result they desperately want and promise to give it to them. Simple but effective. Get ready for big success in your business and life.
  • And then avoid giving away something weak. But truly remove the barrier to purchasing in order to make your offer totally irresistible. Remember this, your goal is to make it stupid-easy for prospects to make a positive buying decision. You want to let them into your business easily and get them buying as quickly as you possibly can. They’ll come running to your business!
  • Finally, you can start to experiment with different offers to find the best ways to get people excited about trying your product or service, and ultimately becoming your clients. Sure, it takes some testing. But if you’re willing to try it, the results will be nothing short of amazing.

Just ask my husband.

He never thought this technique could work.

So he kept doing the same thing he had been doing in his business life.

He worked harder in his business instead of working smarter on his business. He was blindfolded by his daily struggles, he was “hustling.”

And his story is not an isolated case, not by a long shot.

Most business people want to achieve greater success but they ignore this—you can’t have different results unless you do something different.

So they keep doing what they’ve been doing even if their current (lack of) strategy is what created their struggling situation in the first place.

When all there is to do is to look at your business differently and be willing to take a chance on your strategic options.

Your clients will appreciate your effort and reward you for it.

That’s the point!

And maybe soon you too will be emailing me to share your amazing results like my husband did.

Upon testing this technique he wrote to me and said, “I am getting amazing results already!”

For months, he didn’t as much as give my “crazy” idea a second thought.

But then he decided to try it anyway and see if it could help him get the extra profitable sales he dreamed of.

In just a few days of applying this, he secured one of (if not) his highest-paying service contracts to date with none less than a true dream-client.

He was exhilarated.

And today he has significantly increased his business since using the Giveaway Technique … making only similar free offers to the absolutely most qualified prospects for his product or service.

He uses the same method to get clients to buy other products and services, also add-ons. And because he has learned to use so many ways to better meet their needs, his clients enjoy greater satisfaction and are now inspired with a new sense of loyalty. Which means more valuable purchases, more repurchases, more clients’ referrals and a much happier business owner.

In brief, if you want to instantly and easily generate a lot of new enthusiastic and loyal clients for your business while you also find far more happiness and enthusiasm in your business, just try the Giveaway Technique with your hottest prospects. And to learn more on how to get such results, go here.

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