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How To Be A Big Success Using The Forgotten Secrets From This Book

Dear Bible Neglecter,

You know that book we used to have in almost every single hotel bedside drawers before—that book we still keep in many homes today, the one with the dust on it?  

If somewhere deep inside, you know you were meant to achieve great things … if you would like to turn life’s petty (or big) struggles, experiences, pains and failures into big success stories …

… then you should pick up that book, usually at no cost to you, and use the information contained in it to create more success, more profit, more happiness in your business and in your life.

That’s right—all you have to do is pick up your Bible right now (you probably have one copy at your house already), remove the dust on it and begin to read it like you’ve never read it before.

Believe me, following this free piece of advice,

You just saved yourself years and thousands of dollars wasted on self-help education

I know all about this because not long ago I was still wondering what to do with a life that made me feel like a failure—a life that had no meaning or direction whatsoever.

And it took me years of research and thousands of dollars to discover how to transform myself and my life from failure to success, and become financially free while doing it.

And now I’m here to show you how to go about getting more success and money. Actually, being more successful and making more money is easy—if you know how. Most people do it the hard way. I’ll show you the easy way.

The easy road to riches

And it’s also the cheapest way to get more money and recognition in your life. While I may not be the only (or even the first) one to know about this way, the story of how I discovered it is pretty amazing.

If you follow this story diligently and understand that you must go about success the Bible-way consistently it will be so easy for you to become more successful. It’s the ‘Secret’ that can make it TWICE AS EASY to create all the success you want in your personal, financial and business life.

Here then is the true story …

One day few years ago I became so frustrated with my struggles, so overwhelmed by the difficulty of what I intended to accomplish in my life, I literally shouted to God and lifted a desperate prayer like, “God, how do I go from a life I totally messed up to one that’s actually worth living?”

So that night I went to sleep and a man came to talk to me.

He stood beside me, handed me something, and said,

“EAT this Book!”

I was scared to death and refused to look at him.

By some kind of supernatural power, he took away the top of my blanket without even touching it. And when I dared to take a peek, I saw on his face the kindest expression, the nicest smile I could ever imagine.

I instantly knew he would do me no harm.

So I gave him my whole attention.

Here’s what happened: “Eat this book!”, he said to me again while handing a Bible and then he departed.

Pretty amazing story, right?

And this is absolutely true too. A man came to talk to me one night after I fell asleep on the couch because I didn’t have a bed, or a bedroom for that matter. He did take away the top part of my blanket without touching it.

He did ask me to ‘eat’ the Holy Book.

And what did I do?

Did I take his request to heart—and devour every single page of the book from that moment on?

Not at all. I read couple days in a row and then I conveniently forgot to ‘eat’ it daily as I pretended the whole event never happened.

And it took me years to realize how silly that was to not study my Bible.

So what did I learn from this?

One, that every desperate prayer will be answered by a smiling man.

Two, that you can turn a frustrated life into a daily adventure if you’re willing to dig information that’s freely available in the Bible to help you create all the success you want in your life.

And right now, you too might be neglecting this book, thinking this information may not work for you—

Yet thousands found in it the success they were seeking.

How do I know it?

Listen, for years I have pondered questions such as, why some people sail through life effortlessly and manage to do something really outstanding while others don’t? What makes the difference—what do these people know that most others don’t? And more importantly, are their results duplicatable?

In other words, can you use their secrets to become successful today?

To answer these questions, I read a lot of literature about success and researched the works of some of the great, late and current thinkers.

I studied some of the most outrageously rich people that ever lived on the face of the earth to discover their secrets for success.

I was in for a surprise.

Hidden secrets to success revealed!

I found that throughout history people have been drawing ideas on how to live successful lives from the Bible.

No wonder the same principles are still around today.

They’re the same principles used by the most successful men and women of our time to create fame and fortune.

What’s more, I also found that only a small percentage of the population (around 5%) knows about these rules and uses them to achieve breakthrough success, for they are unknown to most other people.

You read that right. Most people do not even know these rules for success exist!

Can you guess the reason why?

Why would anyone ignore such knowledge that is abundantly available to everyone, and carries within it the power to truly change their lives and put them among the most successful in the top layers of the socioeconomic pyramid?

Well, I believe the answer is simply that we are always chasing the newest self-help technologies and books that we become blindfolded by them.

We are so caught up with what’s new that we forget about what is proven to work (and works every time).

And now you know the reason why these secrets are hidden in plain sight—why over 95% of the people do not know about these principles (much less use them to create their own success) and why only a few (a very few) of the people manage to become globally famous and incredibly wealthy by knowing how to apply these rules to maximum profit.

It’s a basic rule for success…

Anyone can be successful, you just have to know the principles of success.

And it’s also the secret of these few great men (and women):

They master the principles of success and they apply them to anything (and everything) they do in life.

So there really is nothing mysterious about this — and if you’ve been wondering why you couldn’t get the breakthrough success of your dreams, this might very well be the reason.

No matter who you are or where you come from, no matter what you do or want to accomplish, to achieve success in your life you must first discover the rules for success.

Once you know them, you can understand exactly how others have become successful—and the best way to go about it.

Just think about it,

If you don’t know how to be successful what then will be your chances to succeed?

It’s like attempting to make an exotic meal for the first time without recipe.

Like an explorer without map, starting out to find an undiscovered land.

Your chances of success will be very slim because without a ‘map’ you’ll most likely never reach your destination.

If like our adventurous explorer you ever arrive at your port, it will be by accident. You don’t want that. You want to almost guarantee you’ll get the results you want.

Results guaranteed!

To do this you need to find out how others have done it before you and simply repeat the process.

That’s where ‘eating’ your Bible comes in handy.

You see, the Bible is a book that both conceals and reveals the true principles of success.

And if you want to know how to achieve wild success, why ignore the book that’s all about what is working right now for untold thousands of others around the world?

What could be better?

The number of life altering topics covered by the Bible is almost limitless.

It means there’s everything you need to know about success in that fascinating book—everything.

Yet we have ignored it. That’s a costly mistake.

Like most people, I didn’t realize that every self-help book today is written off the principles that are in the Bible.

As a result, I wasted thousands of dollars on personal development material to discover how to turn myself into a success and make all the money my family needed.

Sure, I learned some powerful ways anyone can use to produce more income and distinction

The thing is, because I had overlooked the tried-and-true methods methods of success, I was forced to relearn them through 10+ years of trial and error.

In the meantime, my family had to live, my website fees had to be paid, and I was not making any money in my business.

I was discouraged. I thought there was NO WAY I could succeed. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the forgotten biblical principles of success that I really uncovered the easy path to being rich—without spending a dime.

How to get anything you want for free

That’s why I’m so excited for you.

Seriously I envy you because you, my faithful reader, now know there IS a better way -an easier and a cheaper way- to get anything you really want.

And you, being a smart little cookie, will now understand that you must read the Bible diligently and apply the principles you learn consistently so you can easily get all the success you want in your life.

Here are a few examples of who could improve their life by reading this fascinating book and what you could learn about:

  • If you want to discover the real meaning of a person’s life, you could learn how to live in harmony with God (and save your life).
  • If you want to be a BIG success, you could learn how to change your life from failure to success. Why you should find your purpose, and how to use it to achieve true success.
  • If you’re looking to have better relationships with others, you could learn about the most powerful and easiest-to-use ways for making lifelong friends (and fans).
  • If you want to enjoy a fulfilling life—a life filled with love, purpose, creativity and prosperity, you could learn how to use your God-given gifts to really help people—and make more money than you can ever hope to spend …

… in fact, these principles work for any aspect of life.

For example:

If you’re trying to build a thriving business, why not follow the method Jesus used to build his Church.

Because if a 30-year-old first-century carpenter from Nazareth can create one of the largest organizations man has ever made … you can absolutely follow in his footsteps and build your very own moneymaking empire today!

Plus, you can use the four methods I taught in this training lesson for building a wildly successful business to sell yourself and your ideas to others, be a magnetic speaker (or writer), become a respected leader in any organization, have a happy family, the list goes on.

I urge you to use what I told you in this article.

Believe me, if you ignore what you just learned here you will never know what a truly life-changing activity reading your Bible can prove to be.

And if you want to try my Bible-based approach to success and prosperity for Free go to

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