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How To Turn Your Words Into Money—These 3 Simple Ways

Dear Reader,

In 2014, I was downsized out of a job and not sure what to do next.

A few months later, I was nearly broke.

And since all evidence indicated that this uncertainty would be with me for some time, I became desperate.

Of course, I also knew that uncertainty offered the greatest opportunities to achieve massive success.

So I wanted to have a ‘mindset’ for success

To do that I began to think of this reality as an opportunity, and began to think of it as a time to finally achieve personal, financial and business success in my life.

The first step began by exploring what I had to offer to others.

I asked myself,

What do I have to sell in the apartment right now?

Ultimately, what I decided to do was to take my passion for the written word and turn it into content my readers would love, understand and use to make improvements in their lives. As a result,

I spent years and thousands of dollars on content that never paid.

I spent nearly every day of the following years writing and now I created my website dedicated to teaching others proven methods for achieving maximum success and prosperity in their business and life.

To be clear, the first two to three of these seven years were spent producing really sucky content.

And after I had wasted thousands of dollars on training and website fees, I had enough. I was ready to try something different.

Why your ‘ads’ don’t get results (and how to promote yourself in a way that actually works)!

I decided to find out what made my writings so lousy and how I could turn them into a moneymaking machine.

After spending the last seven years researching the most effective techniques for persuasive writing and analyzing why different pieces of content wouldn’t compel people to take action, I have seen (and learned) a lot.

And I am here to share my hard-learned lessons with you.

You’ll have instant access to dozens of free and simple (sometimes even easy) ways to turn sucky ads –website copy, sales copy, articles, posts, emails, and more– into money magnets when you head over to and join my private group of insiders.

For now, let me ask you …

Are you making these mistakes with your persuasive writing?

So, let’s begin to open your eyes to one or two persuasion blunders that might probably be killing your promotions right now …

Writing Mistake #1: Are you thinking about selling when writing your promotional content?

Are you writing your content to serve your own interest?

Is your copy written essentially to sell your offer?

And of course, all marketers are consumed daily with the eternal question of “How can I sell more product?”.

The thing is, it shouldn’t be your primary objective.

Or you’re headed for trouble. Even crushing marketing failure.

Listen, most marketers fail because they choose to ignore this simple insight:

As a marketer your primary motivation should be to serve the wants of your market, not your own.

And that’s what you can do right now, today, take advantage of a desire they already have to sell your offer, as their self-interest (not yours) is the strongest appeal you can use to lead them to buy.

From this moment on, never forget that your market consists of people who seek their own interest and profit, as we all do.

What I mean is this:

I am revealing that if you want to achieve colossal marketing success (and great business riches too!) you should focus on having something people genuinely want or need; something that will make their lives easier, and them happier as a result.

Maybe that’s what Richard Branson meant when he said,

A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.

And you should do this not only because it is the most ethical and honorable way to make a LOT of money selling what you have to the public.

But it is also a very powerful strategy for selling almost anything, and selling it with ease.

Take it from Brooks Fenno.

The business writer explained it better than I ever could when he said,

An effective marketer promotes a product in ways that relate to the needs of the buyers.

You can use this to produce highly persuasive content too.


By focusing on what your readers want when writing copy for them.

So the way to produce written works that will irresistibly captivate your readers is this:

Writing content aimed at helping them get what they want (even need), not selling.

And ignoring this simple insight secret will often cause you to make the following blunder…

Writing Mistake #2: Are you focusing on your offer and business when writing your content?

I believe that focusing on what you want to see happening when writing your promotions will often lead you to emphasize what you have to offer and want to sell to the market.

And again, that’s not how you create irresistible content.

For one thing, these factors are not necessarily the answers to what your reader wants or needs.

And for another, when you make this mistake you will wind up writing copy and presenting your readers with content that focuses on why your offer is great … what you, your business or company are good at.

The result?

Ego-driven copy—full of I or we-statements—and a sales argument that’s weak because it’s all about you when in fact your persuasive copy should appeal to your readers’ interests and wants, and present them with solutions to their problems!

So what’s the point?

I’m declaring that no matter how good you are in your particular line of business, if you choose to promote a product because you want to sell it, not because anyone wants to buy it, you will certainly struggle to market it and most likely fail.

Instead, what I’m suggesting is that you use the secret of how to get (or sell) anything, already revealed by the great Zig Ziglar who said,

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

I’ve said it already and I will say it again:

If you expect people to love your copy, jump at your offer and feel the urge to take action to any correspondence — sign up, call you, pull out their wallet and part with their hard earned money — then you must write content that’s highly enticing to THEM.

And the way to do it is to write content your market can not only relate to but also wants to see.

How do you do it?

By filling up your copy with you-statements and adding to it juicy features and crunchy benefits they’re eagerly looking for.

Do this and you will produce content your readers cannot resist.

Although I admit that this is very hard to achieve when you commit the next blunder…

Writing Mistake #3: Are your writings obvious ads?

In other words, are you writing ads that look like ads?

And even if your strategy for increasing response is to write thinly disguised promotional offers and try to pass them off as helpful content, even your best content will be ignored.

Readers are smart and you can’t fool most people into reading ads.

Instead, write truly helpful content that will get people interested in buying.

This kind of writing will easily sell your stuff…

To achieve that, here are some qualities your persuasive writing should have:

  • Always present you as someone who’s there to help the reader. The more you can help them, the more they will trust you and (want to) buy from you.
  • Offer your reader something they want to see, preferably something that will help them get what they eagerly want so it warrants you interrupting their day for a few minutes.
  • Try to make a sale.

Did I just say you should offer the reader to buy every chance you get?

Yes! Promotion never ends.

Every single piece of content you put out is a great opportunity to remind the buying public what you have to sell and how they can get it.

But did you notice how trying to get the sale is the last element in the list?

Because it’s NOT the most important in the sales process and it works best when the other factors are established.

In fact, if you follow this process, you might not have to ask for the sale.

This is why I call this methodology—

The easy way to write content that will make you rich!

Why easy?

Because selling happens almost effortlessly.

It’s the natural result of building trust, knowing that the seller has your best interest at heart and offers you something of great value.

Remember, what I’m suggesting here is that you use these persuasion secrets to offer something you sincerely believe will make other people’s lives better.

In short, here’s the surest way I know to write content that sells like crazy:

  • Write copy that appeals to people’s interests and offers solutions to their problems
  • Focus on helping readers not selling
  • Give something your reader wants or needs to see
  • Let them know your business (product or service) exists to make their lives easier and how they can get your offer

All right, that’s it.

Now try it!

Read this article, follow the simple insights and apply them to your own content.

And maybe soon you’ll find, like I did, that using this strategy is the best way to revolutionize your writing life.

It’s really that easy!

For more tips on writing persuasive copy that makes you money with ease go to

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